Your Success Community

Each program offered in the Home Builder Success Academy has its very own community that you are invited to join upon completion of the online program. Thru this topic specific groug  you can keep up on what’s new on the topics, as well as, what challenges and successes others are having implementing what they have learned. You can also ask specific questions about your particular situation regarding the topic of others or our experts.


How many times have you completed a training program with the intent to implement all kinds of new things. You know what you have learned will help you and your organization achieve its goals. But even with your great intentions towards change, everyday life takes over again and you just can’t get it done.


Now you are part of a community that can help you implement what you have learned.  All you have to do is ask!


Click program name to join:


·         MWC Bookkeeping Basics Group

·         MWC Business Acumen Group

·         MWC Business Ethics

·         MWC Business Succession Planning Group

·         MWC Change Managmement Group

·         MWC Conducting Annual Employee Reviews Group

·         MWC Conflict Management Group

·         MWC Customer Service Group

·         MWC Effective Communication Group

·         MWC Effective Networking Group

·         MWC Employee Termination- The right way to part ways Group

·         MWC Goal Setting and Getting Things Done Group

·         MWC Handling Difficult Customers Group

·         MWC Human Resource Management Group

·         MWC Internet Marketing Fundamentals Group

·         MWC Lean Process and Six Sigma Group

·         MWC Marketing Basics Group

·         MWC Media and Public Relations Group

·         MWC Overcoming Sales Objections Group

·         MWC Risk Assessment and Management Group

·         MWC Sales Fundamentals Group

·         MWC Social Media in the Workplace Group

·         MWC Social Media Marketing Group

·         MWC Supply Chain Management Group 

·         MWC Understanding Budgets & Financial Reports