Ethics: Shades of Green (3 CPD Credits)

Ethics: Shades of Green (3 CPD Credits)

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This course focuses on how our professional ethics are no longer black and white, they are shades of green. Not only do professionals have an obligation to design for the health, welfare, and safety of people they represent; they also have an obligation to safeguard the environment.

This course will discuss why professionals have a green ethical obligation to promote excellence of design and endeavor to conserve and preserve the integrity and heritage of the natural and built environment.

We will focus on how professional societies and registration boards are holding professionals accountable for sustainable design and planning practices and to consider the environment in everything they do.

At the end of this course, you will be able to:

  • Recognize the need for sustainable approaches imbedded in Codes of Ethics for professional organizations within the planning, design, and construction industry.
  • Explain the importance of a green ethical approach to the planning, design, and construction process which seeks to avoid depletion of energy, water, and raw material resources for future generations.
  • Develop ethical reasoning to aid professionals to navigate through difficult decisions in order to create environments that are livable and promote health, safety and well-being.
  • Practice an integrative approach to sustainable practices that seeks to prevent environmental degradation caused by facility and infrastructure developments during their implementation and over their life cycle.
  • Through case studies, comprehend some of the most common sustainable ethical considerations within the planning, design, and construction industry