Builder’s Tool Kit For Difficult Customers (2 CPD credits)

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Crossed arms, heavy sighs, abrupt replies – the signs that a customer is getting frustrated. Worse, these physical signs show that customers are losing interest in what you're saying, and your goal at keeping their business might be fading fast. As much as we would like to think otherwise, dealing with difficult customers is part of life.
Home Builders are not exempt from dealing with difficult customers.   Because many factors can lead to a customer being difficult, it is important that the builder understand the motivation behind customer actions.  A customer may be angry, frustrated, disappointed, uninformed or simply have a challenging disposition. Often, difficult or even angry customers aren't expressing frustration with you. Their emotions are tied to external situations and psychological stimuli.
This course will help home builders to learn how to identify and deal with difficult customers with increased confidence and ease.
Learning Outcomes
By participating in the Builder’s Tool Kit For Difficult Customers course, participants will learn valuable information, new confidence and practical skills that they can put into practice to diffuse difficult customer situations and keep their customers happy.