Fire and Smoke Dampers Simplified (1 CPD Credit)

Fire and Smoke Dampers Simplified (1 CPD Credit)

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Fire and smoke dampers are essential components of fire and life safety systems of a building. Their operation prevents the spread of fire and smoke and allows building occupants to safely exit a building during a fire. Fire and smoke dampers are also vital to the integrity of fire and smoke rated building assemblies. Improper specifications, installation, actuation or simply the lack of fire and smoke dampers can result in damage to a building or worse, loss of human life.

This interactive online course will discuss fire walls, fire barriers, smoke barriers, fire partitions and horizontal assemblies.

At the end of this course, you will be able to:

  • Identify the four types of fire and smoke dampers and correctly differentiate each type.
  • Identify the type and rating of a fire damper's fusible link.
  • Specify the appropriate type of fire or smoke damper for an HVAC duct penetration given a building's occupancy, construction type and wall/ceiling classification.
  • Specify the appropriate actuation methods for a fire/smoke damper knowing the type of fire alarm system installed in a building.
  • Specify the appropriate fire or smoke damper given the above conditions and the UL listing of the damper.