General Electrical Hazard Awareness for Site Safety (1 CPD Credit)

General Electrical Hazard Awareness for Site Safety (1 CPD Credit)

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Electrical safety is essential for all businesses. Understanding necessary electrical standards and compliances is essential for keeping your employees and your site safe. Has your organization defined what electrical risks you may have? Are you fully in compliance? Do you have all the proper electrical personal protective equipment needed? If OSHA audited your site today, would you have any electrical safety violations?

This interactive online course is geared towards all businesses regardless of industry and will focus on what you need to know as well as useful tips and best practices regarding overall general electrical safety within your organization.

At the end of this course, you will be able to:

  • Define the three electrical hazards
  • Recall the different effects of shock on the body
  • List the three different arc flash boundaries and the PPE needed to enter each one
  • Identify standards that help your company meet compliance for the safety of workers and clients
  • List the four categories of personal protective equipment and the items in each