Mold Remediation (1 CPD Credit)

Mold Remediation (1 CPD Credit)

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Buildings inevitably get wet, both inside and out, and they must be allowed to dry or mold will grow in them. This course provides an overview of mold remediation.

We will review guidelines on cleaning and remediation methods for clean water damage. We will also cover some possible situations and useful methods or techniques for remediation.

At the end of this course, learners will be able to:

  • Describe the equipment used to assess mold
  • Recall the types of materials that may have to be discarded when contaminated with mold or mold spores
  • List questions to consider before starting remediation
  • Name the suggested cleaning methods for various materials and furnishings
  • Prioritize the steps to mold remediation in HVAC systems
  • Identify the first step in remediating mold in a confined space
  • Differentiate between limited and full containment
  • List techniques for communicating with the building inhabitants