Structural Masonry Materials (1 CPD Credit)

Structural Masonry Materials (1 CPD Credit)

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Did you know that masonry design is rarely taught in college design courses? Practitioners must research how to use this material.

This interactive online course will focus on masonry materials, their structural properties, and how masonry is used in everyday designs for buildings, foundations, and landscaping. We will also discuss how masonry is often used for building foundations and exterior walls, for fire separation walls on building interiors, and used in landscaped and terraced exterior walls.

This course is intended to close the knowledge gap and provide a background in the use of masonry materials in design.
At the end of this course, you will be able to:

  • List the various types of masonry materials used in building construction including brick and stone.
  • Recall the materials that must be used to build masonry structures including mortar and steel.
  • State the material properties of masonry important in the design of masonry structures.
  • List those characteristics important to structural resistance to large loads such as wind, earthquakes, flood and blast, and important to fire resistance.