Unreinforced Masonry Design (2 CPD Credits)

Unreinforced Masonry Design (2 CPD Credits)

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Course Description

How is unreinforced masonry used in construction? This interactive online course will focus on unreinforced masonry design and how the use of this design method is employed every day for buildings, foundations, and interior partitions. Unreinforced masonry is often used for building foundations and exterior walls, for fire separation walls on building interiors and used where compressive resistance to loads is required. Masonry design is rarely taught in college design courses so practitioners must research how to use this material in design. This course is intended to close the knowledge gap and provide a background in the use of this material for design.

Learning Objectives

At the end of this course, you will be able to:

  • Describe the approaches to both ASD and LRFD design for unreinforced masonry.
  • Identify the differences between the prescriptive limits of the building code and the design requirements for unreinforced masonry for load and non-load bearing walls.
  • Identify the primary failure modes for unreinforced masonry that require design, and identify how to adjust the design to accommodate axial and lateral loads.
  • Identify the approximate limits of loads such as wind, earthquakes, flood and blast, and issues important to fire resistance when using unreinforced masonry.